Friday, November 8, 2013


Last night
darkness poured
like blood from a heart
Bright red darkness
almost burgundy
when it pools on the floor
tinting the whiteness of the marble
sticky the darkness clung to my soul

you said you didn’t want to hurt me
that it was for the best
I said I’d be okay
I just needed you to leave
I lay on the bed

last night
the darkness spilled
like lies
from someone’s fiery red lips
Silent noises surrounded 
like  the silence that stills the dead
blinking in the blackness around me
I could not make out a streak of light

anger the only thing that kept me
feeling anything at all
hatred for the one that took you
but loving the sweet pain
of this torment
torment, that only
the broken hearted get to feel

Revenge sitting on my sleeve
Bitter like wine
as it sits on my tongue
the darkness over takes me
like blood dripping from
an open wrist
if you cut too deep
my darling
That’s what I’m aiming for

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