Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Claire leans in and whispers something into my her sisters ear. Without warning laughter cuts the silence, it’s explosive like I’ve never heard my mother laught before. It’s like a knife ripping through whatever somberness we had, it was zigzagging like fireworks. It was a loud, deep, honest laugh, it made her throw her head back, short black hair swaying as she bends slightly over and kept laughing. It cascades onto Claire who put her hands on Kora’s shoulder and stopped walking, her own hair falling on her face as she too laughed. Victoria turned to look at me and we could not graps what just happened, we laughed too, but we didn’t’ know why and then we laughed again, because they kept laughing. Afte a while, both drew deep gasps of air and Claire hugs my mother, so carefree and non challant that if you didn’t know them you’d swear they had always been best friends. Who knows maybe they had. Maybe it all drew up to this exact point in time.

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