Friday, November 29, 2013


I'm a book lover,
a wine and paint girl
I'm a hiker
 a runner
 a slouch on the couch after work.
I'm a wine snob
 an apple cider fanatic
I'm a whiskey girl
with a coffee passion.
I'm borderline obsessive
with a tendency to over react.
I'm a dreamer,
a fairy tale believer,
 a happy ending skeptic,
a Queen without a crown
 I'm a country girl
with a big city upbringing
I'm a winter child,
a long walk on a cold beach,
snow storm in a cabin kind of woman.
I'm religious
with a stroke of rebel,
I'm depressive
I'm a survivor
I'm an only daughter
a memory collector
I'm a writer
with fears of being published
I'm an art critic
with a camera
I'm a lover
with many tricks up my sleeve
I'm a powerhouse
A stroke of independence
I'm in love with love
and all in all nostalgic of lost world

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