Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I have never doubted anything
I never had second thoughts
But then
You came along
And you broke my walls
And you swept me off my feet
I was unsettled, unprepared
And you made me fall
You stole my nights
With breathless kisses
And warm hands
Over my curves
You monopolized me
Every inch
Every hitched breath
And insubordinate thought
And then you took my days
With subtle calls
And awed surprises
That left me wordless
And I doubted
Everything I ever knew
All I had told myself
Doubted happiness at it’s core
I love you
But I can’t bring myself to say it
I don’t get to
What if
What if it goes wrong
What if you leave?
You seem to expect me to reciprocate
The three words
That you whisper constantly
On my bed
In the morning
Over orange juice
And strong dark coffee
And in the middle of my day
In a note
In a smile
In the way you touch me
And the way you keep away
I love you
But I’m deeply afraid
So be patient
Stay with me

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