Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tragic ::

She is beautiful
In a tragic sort of way
She's  beautiful
But she's  bleeding
Blood receding from her wrists
She looked at me
Large eyes
Darker than December nights
She's  beautiful
Like fresh snow on the ground
Like the silence of a graveyard
Like the calm after a storm
She's beautiful like shards of glass
That glitter in the sunlight
And send sparks along the way
She's beautiful
But she's broken
And I don't think she
Wants to be pieced together
She's beautiful
Like dry laughs
And twisted thoughts
And I want her to love me
But I don't think she can
So I settle just to hold me
And call out my name at night
I settle for her hair
sprawled on my bed
She's beautiful
Like the fog that hangs in London
Like the crown
Of Queens overthrown
And I love her
But I only tell her when she's fast asleep
Because she's beautiful
In a tragic sort of way

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