Thursday, January 9, 2014


She was magic
In the way she entered a room
There was something about her
Light that traveled from black to white

She was magic
But not in the pixie dust and smoke sort of way
She was magic
Because she had been broken
Beaten down to the ground
She had cried a million tears
And felt the searing pain
Of being stabbed by hope

But she had gotten up
Stood her grown
Turned her life around
She had a quote for every moment of despair
There was a flame in her eyes
An a smile wrapped in a tragedy
That kept her going on

She was magic
Because she had survived
And changed
And thrived
And dared to help
To share the magic

She was magic
Glamour and shine
The way she spoke
And what she didn't say

She was magic
The kind of magic
That disappears and transports
Spells and potions and magic curses
Because she had known the lowest point
And had rebuilt her dreams
With only just her will

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