Monday, February 3, 2014

Pagan ::

She's an angel

And a witch

She's magic potions

On a dish

She's a sorceress

With a broken heart

She's a sinner

But she's a saint

She's a stroke of rebel

In a faithful soul

She's a walking contradiction

A pagan

but she prays

Child of the moon

Brought up by the sun

Yearning for the darkness

And walking toward the light

She's an angel

With dark wings

Fire igniting at the seams

She's God's daughter

But she dreams

Of the day she's free

To be what she's meant to be

Black and white

Without fear of hell

Bound like a bell

With a string around her neck

The troubles of the world

weight heavy on her shoulders

So she's a pagan

But she prays

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