Monday, April 28, 2014

Loving You

How the sun hit her face
Shimmering on her skin
Musings of another day
When she belonged to me
And her scent hung on my dreams
But she was so far
Across the room
With someone else
And I pretended I was listening
To the person across from me
I looked into their eyes
Drifting of to catch a glimpse of her
She used to look at me like that
And it just made no sense
The night was over
And I found myself
With someone whispering my name
Asking why I cried
I said I was okay
But I lied
I didn't know why
But I dialed her number
And she answered
Dry and short
Sleep tangled in her voice
And I whispered her name
So soft and fast that I wasn't sure it happened
But she showed up at my door
The following morning
And she let herself inside without my consent
The silence filled our space
And I offered her some tea
"What do you want?" I asked
"How do we fix this?" she asked
I didn't  know what she wanted
But I let her linger on
And soon we were doing breakfast
And promising to go slow
Once a week
Once a day
Every day
She would call
Morning, noon and night
We were taking vacations and buying a home
And I'd place a ring on her finger
And we were making vows
But it all seemed too perfect
And it was so insecure
I was afraid
That it would all end
And though we said we wouldn't
A child ran smiling after us
And the broken unfixed
Became a family
Our definition anyway
And we'd talk of the days when we broke apart
It was refreshing to see
The world grow old with us
And soon the sun hit her face again
And the deep emerald of her eyes
Told stories untold
I loved her
"I love you" she'd say
And I'd hum along her lips
I'd say it back a million times
What did it feel like?
To be so far
And yet so near
"No" she'd answer
"I only remember loving you"

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Simple :

I want to do so it all

The different things

That dance before me

Like northern lights

In the winter sky

And be everything

And see it all

But, that's just not possible

There isn't enough time

We are not here long enough

There aren't enough of us

And the realization is the saddest thing

The powerless feeling

Is a vast wasteland

In a single thought

There is so much to do

So much to see

So much to change

But I can't do it all

And I'll never be happy here

Or there

I don't belong now

In this time

Or this place

And I want us to be simple

To go back to a time

With a cause

A place where no one or anything

Will ever be mistreated

Where no animal will die in vain

And no human live in vain

I want us to go back

To a time

Where the Earth wasn't dying at our hand

Where everyone understood religion for it's truth

And humanity loved at it's core

I want it all

But there isn't enough time

Enough place

Enough of us

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sleeping Curses

I might have slept longer than I should
but I'm tired in a heart wrenching sort of way
Life's a liar
When I'm in my bed
It's warm and safe
In here no one can hurt me

If I close my eyes
And force myself to sleep
There are no needs for truths
No rights or wrongs
No faults against me

In my dreams anything is possible
I've no fear of hell
And all the promise of heaven

I might have let slumber linger on
but I'm tired in a way that is not physical at all
I've no strength to stand tall
I've traced the shadows on my wall
And talked with the birds by my window
In my room I am safe
No one can hurt me

If I close my eyes
And force myself to sleep
All the labels that you've put on me
Are none-existent
There are no rights or wrongs
No faults against me

In my dreams anything is possible
I can be the queen, a child's mother
A flower in spring, God's daughter

I might have slept longer than I should
but in sleep everything is so easy
No need for fights
Or wounded battles

Let me sleep
Just for a second
Lapsing on eternity
Until someone awakens
the world