Friday, July 11, 2014


What if I had met you before?

What if I had fallen in love with you first?

What if I've had the courage to follow you

To the end of the world

What of all the wasted time,

Life owes me so much of my life, with you

How do I ever get over that?

                                                What if's are frugal, my love

                                                 Destiny has a set plan
                                                It's all timed indeed

                                                What matters is that from now on

                                               Until the end of time

                                                In this world and any realm

                                                We are meant to be

What if our dreams are reality?

What if this reality is only a dream?

How do I know, which me is real?

How do I cope with the truth?

I'm never complete

I never know which side is right

And in the in-betweens

I never know which side of black I choose

                                                        Worry not, my dear

                                                         For in your dreams, I shall be there too

                                                        I know that you are mine

                                                         And I am yours

                                                        For every vow and every promise

                                                        I know I'll always be awake with you

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