Sunday, July 13, 2014

I'll do it for you

Dress me in sadness that is all I have of you
And a box of belongings by the stairs
I'm leaving home, leaving this memory of you
Because you set my heart on fire
You showed me how to love again
You broke my walls
Let the light shine in
You chased away all the darkness from my past
And when people said you loved the wrong person
That I wasn't worthy of the green in your eyes
You'd hold me tight and say I was your home
I was your salvation
And in the deep of the night you'd confess you were afraid to grow addicted  to my smile, my body, my soul
Then you'd shake your head and laugh
Saying it all felt right in your heart
And in turn I'd whisper so softly no one else would be able to hear
That I loved you, I loved you more than I'd ever love anyone
That I'd give up my life to keep you safe
But death grew jealous and pried you from my arms
It grew lonely and called her angel back
And now darkness preys at the edge of my lands
There is a hurt in my heart that I'd never thought I'd feel
But I'll never go back to who I used to be before you
I'll do it for you, Because you loved me
I'll do it for you, Because you believed in me
I'll do it for you, Because you'd want me to be happy
I'll do it for you, Go out and lead the life we planned
I'll wipe the tears from eyes
And I'll be strong for you

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