Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fate & Broken wishes

You are like a breath of fresh air

In a tired routine

You're as real as it gets

No motioned pantomime

And I don't know where this goes

I don't know if we'll last

I don't know where your heart sways

Or what spell you cast

But I can tell you this

I've never loved anyone like you

And I've never been so raptured

By someone who

Couldn't give me a straight answer

And plays riddles with my heart

Someone who hides love in the shadows

As if we were a play of art

And it's so heartbreaking

And so appealing all the same

To want to give you up

And to want and play the game

You're a secret treasure

A precious gem to me

I want you always darling

Lustful wishes don't you see

Nights and stolen mornings

When you call and I go

And you make it up with gifts

Because you say, I'm expensive too

And you treat me like a princess

And always make me smile

But when you're not there my darling

It's a pretty wistful while

What shall I do?

How long do I wait

Where do I go?

What is to be our fate?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I’ve been living on a prayer
Waking up with the dawn of day
I made two cups of tea
Hoping you’d come back to me

I’ve been drying my tears
On my pillow cover
Telling myself this can’t be over
I’ve been holding out to the truth
Saying life can’t be so rude

But now I see it crystal clear
All I’d come to fear
You’ve moved on and I’m left alone and lost
Playing gracious host
To and empty life
With a ring and  a word to be your wife

Now, perhaps it’s all my fault
Didn’t now when to pull the reigns and halt
Let myself be lead
By pretty curls and lips of red
I was so confused
And now there is no use
I’ve lost myself along the way
And sorry is I’ve got to say

She was a vision, moment with no reason
And now my darling boy
Will you forgive the treason?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stories with no end

To finish the story
I'd like to finish the story
But I can't
Because you see
My darling reader
There is no end to this story
Life is too complicated to bind
Between the two pages of a hardcover
The eternal conflict of a writer
And an idealist
There are so many things that can go wrong
So many blunders, wrong turns in the road, mistaken nights, ripping our own heart and handing it over to someone who is bleeding just the same
I don't know what pushes us to do what we do. What is the reason behind climbing a mountain and taking one more drink.
I have vague ideas and scars that I am no longer ashamed to show
But not even I can tell you with clarity what caused them. 
Much less what others feel at the moment when the pain is deepest.
Yes, there is so much that can go wrong in this self-penned story
But there is so much that can go right.
Smiles and flowers and unexpected rains.
Frozen coffees with old friends, old school mates, old bosses and firm handshakes with new ones. 
There are dreams that come true, people who come and band aid our heart.
How do pick up the right pieces? 
So you see, I can't finish the story.
I don't know how to.
I don't know where the main character goes I don't know if they survive.
I don't know when thunder will strike or when April showers will calm the storm.
My story continues
Every story continues
Now and long before our time
Everytime someone murmurs our name
In every rose bush we planted and every seed we sowed.
That is how it is meant to be
And stories
Without end

Friday, August 15, 2014

Tragic and bad

I gave her my heart
Let her keep it at last

She broke my heart
And mended my life

She came in
Like an unexpected storm

But she stayed
Like the gentle breeze of summer nights

I let her keep my heart
Because it was complicated

I couldn't stay
And she had to go

But every time we said goodbye
She asks me to forgive

And I always give in

So I gave her my heart
Let her keep it at last

Promised I'd never love like I did her
I can't

Because she has my heart
And I have hers

It's romantic and sad
Tragic and bad

That we let others believe
For the sake of belief

But she always comes back
And I never say no