Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Black heels

I lost hope the day he left

I stood at the door and watched him fade

I was hoping he'd turn around and run back to me

I was hoping it would be like a movie scene

But hoping doesn't meant it will be

He didn't even look back

And the city swallowed him whole

I stood there for a long time

Until dusk assaulted me

And tears dropped down like rain drops from the soul

Until I could not hold myself standing

I closed the door, and slid down to the floor

I cried like I had never cried before

Then I realized I was wearing the heels

He'd bought, the black ones that shone in the light

And a subtle smile drew my lips

I would be okay

I lost hope, but I still had my black heels

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Vulgarity never hurt nobody

She’s perfect
At night
When she takes of the day
Her hair spills on the side
And she bares
Her soul to me

I trace my hands
On the slim of her hips
And she hums to my rhythm
It’s been a long time
And she wavers between wanting to talk
And touching me

And she pushes inside
Without warning
And it’s taken so long
To feel this complete
I want to loose control
To call her name
Like a mantra on my lips

A religion of sorts
This her on my bed
 She’s a goddess
 and then tomorrow might come
And we might have to part
But I know she’s been mine

It’s love and it’s lust
Swirling in her eyes
As her head falls back
And she tells me not to stop

It’s reckless abandon
The way she comes undone
And promises untold
When it’s her turn on my skin

And I want her to stay
And I want her to say
She loves me too
She’s good at fucking you know
And it comes fast and steady
Cruel satisfaction
And words of love