Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Eyes ::

It was her eyes

The first thing I noticed about her, across the room and apart from anything else. 
Her eyes shone brighter than any star.
 They shone like the moon on October nights.
I had always wondered why it was so hard to stare someone in the eyes, 

hard to hold the stare without looking away.
 But with her it wasn’t’ hard, it was like two old friends meeting after a long time. 
I didn’t want to get to know her because it was like I already knew her. 
I wanted to say ‘there you are’ instead of nice to meet you.
 I wanted to grab her hand and hold her, 
because when I saw her it was as if the nagging voice in my head finally stopped talking, 

the missing piece of my heart had been found

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Little Town

I used to know someone here
And in that house across the street
And in this place too
My best friend lived
And her mother
Was my mothers best friend too
This used to be a roller rink
And this used to be my town
And I was always around
Even strangers knew who I was
They asked me about my family
When I walked into the store
My how it all has changed
We were all children then
And now we're all grown up
Getting Benz, buying houses
And raising kids
It does't seem like it now
I feel like I was ten yesterday
Last carefree generation
The earth will see
Another friend lived right here
In number 106
I used to walk to her home
Because our mother's wouldn't let us use the phone
We didn't have self parking cars
And the ice caps weren't melting yet
No social media kept us in the loop
But we were happier then
In this little town
I used to call my own

Friday, November 7, 2014

But I like it ::

"I wish I could tell you all my secrets
I wish I could tell you every thought that runs through my head
The pressing feeling on my chest
              when I see your number flash on my phone
The smile that automatically spreads 
             on my face when I think of you
The falling, fleeting feeling 
                I have when I am about to see you 

I wish I could confide in you my fears
Each and every one them,
             my dreams, my hopes.
I want to tell you everything
The indecent images, 
             the mind boggling, lunatic thoughts 
All the times the demons have made me cry
I wish I could tell you how much 
                                   I used to hate myself
How good it felt to hurt,
                          but I don’t’ want to hurt anymore
I don’t want to hurt because of you
And loosing you is my biggest fear today
But so is keeping you
Because it goes against my plans
The untold plans that I also keep secret
The ones you have pulled out of me
Like you pull that smile
That I give to no one else
Like the way you’ve watched me cry
Like no one else has, 
                   wet hair, 
                             cuddled in the corner of the shower
I wish I could tell you how much you mean to me
How much  I love you
But I can’t
Because that too is a secret
I wish that if I told you
You could fix it
The erratic heartbeat when you touch me
That you would give me the perfect solution
To life’s biggest problems
One where you and I
Would ride of into the sunset
I would take it
I would do anything
Concoct  a magic potion,
                             a wicked spell
I’d kill the moon and steal a beating heart
But I cannot face the truths of my world
I cannot go against what is real
No my darling
I cannot tell you all my secrets
Because you would understand
And then you’d pity me
And then it would be your mission to save me
To save us
I cannot tell you the fears that invade me when dusk leaves
When the sun rises
Because I know you have them too
I know you understand
I know you love like I do
And you feel like I do
And you hate like I do
I know you can calm the rattling of my heart
                     against the cage of ribs
                                With a single kiss
Subtly placed on the pulse of my veins
And you can appease my raged breathing with the glitter of your eyes
I know you can
I don’t doubt it
You are like me
You understand me
And for that I cannot tell you
All my secrets
Although I wish I could
But I keep them secret
Instead I only mutter your name
And I kiss you until we loose our breath
     It's hard 
           But I like it" ~ AC