Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Love like this

I lost her to the war outside our walls
Raging mob
Of bleeding peasants fighting in the name
Of cruel masters
I lost her to the promise of heaven
And sin forgiven
I lost her to laws laid down by men pretending to be gods

I loved in a way you only love once
In the sense of being completed
In the promise of forever
And she loved me
I could see it in the breaking of her voice
And the pools of sadness in her eyes

I lost her to those that bring out morals
And beliefs of long ago
And I lost her to the raving words
That spilled from their chapped lips
I lost her to the promise of heaven
And sin forgiven

And I know I'll never find a love like this

Friday, December 26, 2014

Truths Hurt

Truths hurt
They pierce the softest layer of skin
Embed themselves in our bones
And trump the beating of our heart

They hurt
When someone gushes them out
Words tumbling from their lips
Like they were giving directions

Blood falls from their prickly wounds
Pristine droplets
Caused by the unadulterated truth
Shattering our perfect worlds

Truths hurt
Don't you know?
Be careful
When you demand the truth

They scrape at the inside of our guts
Raping the flush red skin
And leaving us to bleed
Yet, they never kill

Truths hurt
They force tears
At the edge of a precipice
But, you want to know

They leave a mark
Than can never be erased
A cattle mark
A suicide scar

They hurt
They break our soul
Shatter the visions of hope
I've never understood

How they say
The truth is always better
Think it twice
Before you rake the truth

Sometimes my dear
Ignorance is bliss
Sometimes my dear
I'd like to hide the truths in a kiss

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Miracle of light :: Christmas musings

It's always disappointing
The culmination of Christmas
Of our winter wonderlands
And merry little homes

It's heartbreaking
The harsh reality
Of a world that is not cloaked by lights

But we forgive it
Because every year
We have high hopes
And hope is what this is all about

We dress our homes in faith
Aided by twinkling lights
We invite kindness
And we believe

We believe in magic
Forgotten long ago

And in that magic
We see ourselves
As children
In our children
In every child
In the Christ child

And even thought the grey of the world
Begins to seep through the well guarded colors
Of the season
We know

Everything will be okay
We know the star will keep on shinning
And we wait hopeful
For another tomorrow
Another year
Another miracle
Of light


She was wild
Like the fire that burs in forests
Like the laughter of a child
She was unstoppable
Because she didn't care
She didn't fear
She loved
Intensely and without rules
Bound by an irrational passion to live

She was wild
Like the flowers growing
At the edge of the city
She was intriguing
Like the starry night
One found at that same edge
She took me by surprise
Like summer storms often do
And she left my life a mess
Like the wrath of that storm

She was undaunted
Because she took life as it came
She didn't do regrets
And she gave love
Without holding back
She loved me
Like lioness protect their pride
She loved me
Like the ocean loves the sea
But she loved me freely
Never demanding a tomorrow
Something I could not comprehend

She was alluring
Like expensive perfumes
And she was intoxicating
Like fine wine
And I was insatiable
Of her promises
Only she didn't give any
She only lived for today
For this love
For the moment
She was maddening
Because she wasn't willing to tie me down
And I could not cage her in
And I didn't like that I could loose her

So I did
I left her
Without knowing
Where all this madness would have taken us
She was wild
Like the fire that burns inside of us
She was free
Like the birds in the prairie
And she loved me
Like the gods we could not be at peace with

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I hope she breaks your heart ...

I hope she hates to travel on short notice

And I hope she hates the smell of winter snow

I hope she doesn't enjoy reading or the taste of champagne

But most of all I hope she breaks your heart

So that you can feel the pain I feel today

I hope she dislikes Paris in the rain

I hope she hates to watch Christmas lights in the darkness

And listen to Ella on replay

I hope you miss me  when you find yourself alone on Christmas Eve

I hope she makes you stay for guilt

And that you want to call my name under her sheets

And above all I hope she breaks your heart

So that you call feel the pain I feel today

I hope you call me in the dead of night one day

So that I can say I'm glad you left

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

An Affair

It's going to be a secret
A moonlight kind of secret
A lock and bolt kind of secret

If we're going to have an affair
Let me lay down the rules
Not to be blinded by love
Like other fools

You may never call my name in public
And we will always part by sunrise
You should never look at me on the street
And we should never kiss to be wise

It's going to be a secret
The kind you never tell a soul
And take you're grave type of secret

If we're going to have an affair
It will be without expectations
There will be no talk of tomorrow
And we can leave without hesitation

No hope is allowed
If we're going to have an affair
We may not fall in love
Beyond a tender human care

It's only lust
If we're going to have an affair
I don't want to be your trust
And we may never leave these walls

The one that tears your soul apart
It's going to be a secret
When you part
That I fell in love with you

broken hearts that last forever ::

Hearts can be broken in so many ways. They scar and they heal and then they break again

They're built on hope, on relentless perseverance and foolish optimism.

But the truth is far less cheerful, and closer to the darkness.

Some of us are meant to have a broken heart, to fall in love with the wrong person and love them  for

all the right reasons.

We believe that we stand a chance against destiny, because they say they love us back. You see it in

their eyes, in the way they look at you, in the way they whisper words of nothing as the night closes in

and their warmth surround you. But we don't, we don't stand a chance, because we are just meant to

have broken hearts. Hearts can be broken for many reasons, they are delicate, they clatter like china,

and they never look the same. They are never able to love again. Hearts are broken for different people,

for friends, and dreams, and family. They break for disillusions, failures and betrayals; yet perhaps, the

hardest one to heal is the lovers that love you back but it just isn't the right time. It's not meant to be,

you both leave with broken hearts and a feeling of unsettlement. Some of us are meant to brood our

broken heart forever, because that love was so great, that there is no need for another one. The future is

lonely for those with broken hearts, that revel in the memory of the pain. Hearts break in many ways

and they don't always heal.