Tuesday, December 16, 2014

broken hearts that last forever ::

Hearts can be broken in so many ways. They scar and they heal and then they break again

They're built on hope, on relentless perseverance and foolish optimism.

But the truth is far less cheerful, and closer to the darkness.

Some of us are meant to have a broken heart, to fall in love with the wrong person and love them  for

all the right reasons.

We believe that we stand a chance against destiny, because they say they love us back. You see it in

their eyes, in the way they look at you, in the way they whisper words of nothing as the night closes in

and their warmth surround you. But we don't, we don't stand a chance, because we are just meant to

have broken hearts. Hearts can be broken for many reasons, they are delicate, they clatter like china,

and they never look the same. They are never able to love again. Hearts are broken for different people,

for friends, and dreams, and family. They break for disillusions, failures and betrayals; yet perhaps, the

hardest one to heal is the lovers that love you back but it just isn't the right time. It's not meant to be,

you both leave with broken hearts and a feeling of unsettlement. Some of us are meant to brood our

broken heart forever, because that love was so great, that there is no need for another one. The future is

lonely for those with broken hearts, that revel in the memory of the pain. Hearts break in many ways

and they don't always heal.

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