Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Miracle of light :: Christmas musings

It's always disappointing
The culmination of Christmas
Of our winter wonderlands
And merry little homes

It's heartbreaking
The harsh reality
Of a world that is not cloaked by lights

But we forgive it
Because every year
We have high hopes
And hope is what this is all about

We dress our homes in faith
Aided by twinkling lights
We invite kindness
And we believe

We believe in magic
Forgotten long ago

And in that magic
We see ourselves
As children
In our children
In every child
In the Christ child

And even thought the grey of the world
Begins to seep through the well guarded colors
Of the season
We know

Everything will be okay
We know the star will keep on shinning
And we wait hopeful
For another tomorrow
Another year
Another miracle
Of light

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