Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Poison ::

she was poison in my veins
heroin injected in my blood
spilling from an overdose
she was fire ablaze
under my skin
and I woke up every night
in a furious panic
afraid that I would loose her

she was poison in my veins
making it’s way into my heart
dripping from an iv
she was slow pain
agony of the soul
and I kept my mouth shut
because I liked it so

she was poison in my veins
hurtful and heartless
she was ivory to the gods
sinful creature if there ever was
but she sure was good
in erasing it all
with the heat of her body
and the flick of her lips

she was poison in my veins
likely infecting my brain
and there was no going back they warned
once you invited her in
no antidote
no way of getting her out of you bed
and I woke up every morning
drenched in sweat and held by the waist
her head resting on my shoulder
her nails digging on my side

she was poison
or so they said
but I could not tell you now
I can’t remember what it was like
the poison settled in

Friday, January 23, 2015

The world may forget about us: But it would seem I can't

The world may forget about us
It will move on, the waves undulating gently in the breeze
While the roar of the ocean thunder echoes on the sand
The sun will go on caressing skins gently kissing them
And time will go on
Forgetting about us

But it would appear I can’t
An the stubborn tears falling from my eyes would agree
As hard as I try
to conceal my falling tears
they push and they win, gently gliding down my cheeks

Because I think about you all the time
I long the way the stars yearn for the night
I hope and I stay awake at night wondering if you long too
I remember you like it was yesterday
Mapped every touch and every crevice

I long for you
And I hold on to hope
It’s all I’ve got
I hope for you
no one will love you more than I will

The way I love is innate
Like the visceral rasp in my voice
Like the clasp of my hand on iron
It’s protective, it’s fierce
Like a lioness protecting a cub
The way I love is passionate
Stems from the roots of my story
From my heartbreaks and falls
Stems from the magic of the past
It's violent, from the darkness of my memories
And the endless abyss of my life
It's forever, because I don't know how to let go
I was never taught to loose

And I wonder if your heart constricts too
When you pass my personal space
I wonder if it feels like all air has left you
And you forget how to breathe
The world goes quiet
And I have to force myself to not touch you

The world will go on
With out us
Without the matching set of footprints on the sand
Without our mismatched  laughter on the sidewalk
The world will go on

But it seems I can’t forget you
And the stubborn tears dripping from my lashes would agree

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Out to conquer

An adventure life is a wonderful adventure
Meant to be lived by the tilt if a hat
In a rising plane 
On a course to no where
When you're with me
The world is beautiful
There is beauty in all I see
And all you do
And when you part
There are storms
Harsh and unmerciful
Rising over a dark sea
And it's breathtaking
The power anger brings
The strenght rage can muster
And I'm surprised when I feel just as much 
As when I loved you in peace
Life a story written in between the lines of a gold rimmed book
Strung together 
By cheap rope and gold chain
Not strong enough to withstand the wrath of god
But sturdy to pull me from the abyss
When your by my side
Hummingbirds chirp away
A song of paridise
And there is hope in all that is said
And when you aren't crows carry on
And falcons circle the mighty skies
Eyes on the prize
No fear of the unknown
And I'm afraid
That I like this version better
This me ready to conquer to defend to kill
I like it better
Sword in hand
Better than when I wait for you to speak
Better than when I walk a step behind and let you lead
I don't want to be your lady
I dont want be a lady at all
And the darkness has shown me that
Darkness is an adventure after all

Friday, January 16, 2015

quiet elegance & broken hearts

I let her envelope me
In sheets of silk and warm caresses
I let her wrap me in her arms
And the illusion of whispered words

They say heartbreak is not hard
That we're supposed to be strong
Get up after we falter
Water our own garden
And patch up our heart

There was a simple elegance about her
Like Chanel no. 5 and Black Mercedes Benz'
There was a subtle peace around her
A classic smile framed by red lips and blond hair

But what do you do
When you keep the heartbreak to yourself
When it's a secret that your heart is broken
And you're expected to maintain
A lasting smile and an air of nonchalance

There was a quiet luxury that pooled in her eyes
It wasn't that she tried
this is how she lived and how she died
It was present in the way she walked
And the words she spoke
And the way she held her fork

How are we supposed to heal the hurt
When it simply sits unsettled in our silence
Hidden in our laughter
Drowning in the tears we shed at night
And the loneliness we feel at the end of the day
When we realize our heart is broken
And there is no one to tell