Saturday, February 28, 2015

I will always love you ~

She promised
A life of simple pleasures
Of morning kisses
and fond goodbyes
Of sandy beaches
and home cooked meals
She promised strong coffee before the kids woke up
and a love to last a lifetime
She offered her hand for me to trust her, to give her my heart
And I believed
Now the years have passed
And the promises left home
She's always late and smells of red wine
And I know she's no longer mine
I can see the conflict in her eyes
I can hear it in her voice
She's trying no to break the promises
But there is nothing left to break anymore

I love you
I have always loved you
I always knew in the back of my mind you were the love of my life
And though I carry on as if I don't need you
You are the vain of my existence
The sunshine of my days
And you leaving me
Is heartbreaking
Because I know I will never love again

Friday, February 13, 2015

You made me happy

If I die tomorrow
You should know
You’ve made me happy
Like spring showers and first snows
The kind of happy we can’t describe
You made me happy
For an instance
A flicker of a second
A moment in time
You touched my soul
As softly as you touched my body
A feather
Caressing the curves
Rounding at my hips
And flushing at my cheeks
You held my heart
Bleeding in your fingers
For a flicker and a beat
You made me smile

If I never get the chance
To let you know
I love you
Truly and without expectations
Your name rounded in my head
And strum on my veins
It was as strong and bold
As the blood that pumped into my heart
And the breaths that heave
At my chest and soften on my lungs
And I will never back down
From these words that string in my mind
And tug at my lips

And even though it was fleeting
An instance
In a sobering world
Even though it slipped
From my fingers
And my mind
Like cobwebs ebbing in the wind
It was the most important
You made living worthwhile
You made me happy
And that my darling
Is all that matters
In the end

Saturday, February 7, 2015

the flashback ~ paragraphs of a story in progress

"She nods and then the piano that had been quiet for so long that evening comes alive with the soft notes of ‘what are you doing new years eve?”
I look over at her, and she smiles
The waiter comes over with a the same question scribbled in chocolate syrup a cross a plate with berries galore.
“I hope you don’t have plans,” she whispers shyly and I have no words to say. The moment has not only caught me off guard, she didn’t seem like the type to pull of such a stunt.
I shake my head and finally smile. “I was hoping you’d ask” I say.
The song finishes and a few people clap which is even more embarrassing and I blush deeply.
“good, I was hoping you were” ~ 

Heaven ::

She spoke of heaven like she had been there before
And she spoke of love like it was eternal
It made my heart flutter
And I’d blush at the thought
Then she’d look at me like I was the most precious treasure
No one had ever looked at me like that before

She spoke of dreams like they were attainable
she spoke of simple grander days
And I’d believe her
I believed everything she said
Because she meant it
Every word

She’d speak of us like the whole world knew
She begged me to ask her to stay
There was a ship waiting for her
Somewhere where the sand meets the sea
A ship to sail her life

But she wanted to stay
With me
In safe harbor
And warm nights
She spoke of love
Like it was us
And it was
I knew it was

She cried
When I refused to say goodbye
and she blamed me
For making her leave
But if I kept her
She’d never know what heaven was