Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pools of blue

I'm not as easy to love as you
My eyes are not pools of blue
And my hair does not sparkle in the sun
The darkness in my eyes is a battle raging inside
And I haven't  saved a single soul 
You have to know me to realize I care so deeply it hurts
And I rarely smile 
Because I have too much to think about
People don't love me as fast as they do you
Because my laugh is not bursting bubbles of happiness
And tears only come in private
And I dont know if they ever will
Accept my somber happiness
And the loud silence that I keep 
But it does not matter 
Not as long as you love me
You will be my sun
And my springtime
You will be my romance of winter
And the sparkle of my smile
And you will fill my eptiness

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


It would be easy

~ Would it not?

To let you love me

It would be easy

~ To let you wrap

Your arms around me

And swear here you'd always be

It would be comforting

~ To have your hands

Upon my hair

But, oh Darling

it would be unfair

To let you

~Love me

Without telling you

How broken I am

That when you touch me

~I don't close my eyes to play coy

But because I'm thinking of them

Of the depth of their eyes

~A thousand shades of icy grey

Like rain frosting in the chill

~Complex the way I lost myself inside

Those giant wanting eyes

It would be easy

~To let you love stay

To let you fill my day

With attentions and stories of tomorrow

But it would be unfair

To let you fall for me

~With out telling you

I can never you love back

And it would be easy to deceive 


Into thinking this would work

~but the truth is

They way I murmur their name

~when I sleep

Would break your heart 

~and I wouldn't advise 

To stay too long

~with me

Thursday, March 19, 2015

You should not covet ~

She was all I had ever loved
She mattered more than anything in the world
The way she let her guard down with me
The way she was completely vulnerable 
The way only I could break her heart
She was home
My happy ending 
And I would go to hell and back for her
No one had ever mattered this much
No one was unforgettable 
Except her
The way she viewed me  with wonder
As if I was the prettiest thing she'd ever had
As if I was all she wanted
And I was
As she was for me 
The begging and the end
I had never loved anyone
Like I did her
The way we met
Her hesitant demeanor because
I was younger 
But she was beautiful 
The most beautiful possession 
Ive ever had
The way she told me her feelings
In syllables 
Afraid i wouldn't feel the same
But i cared
I always will
Because she mattered like i never thought anyone would

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Thief of life
We all succumb to age
Without care
Of the battles we wage
Against it

It creeps slow
Into our time
Veins protruding from hands
Like legs in a glass of wine
In a sommeliers hand

It is
We know not where
It comes from
Or how we'll get there
But we do

Marking our face
Silver strands of hair
Time and space
Oh, what a waste of time
Slipping from between fingers

That are
Too feeble to hold anymore
Steps shaking
So it starts taking
A toll upon our dreams

Personality unclassified
Fuck it
 you think
Until you sit
And see
The person 
In the mirror

Is not who you were
in our bed
in our bliss
of what we must accept
until it ends

From now until forever ~

You are the light to my darkness

And I will find you

Sword sheathed in the cover of greatness

I've been searching

Fallow dreamer

You are the violet ink

Streaming on blue water

You are the savior of my dreams

Hero of my unknown

I will love you

Until the gods place jury on my life

And even then

In the shadows of death

In the valley talked about

I will know you

I will remember

Like soundless video

Looping on a lonely theater room

I will always love you

From now until the end of time

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Those who lie ::

I trust that truth will come
In the quietest of ways
Truth will wallow
In darkest of waters
I trust that it will follow
the simplest of paths
Leading to perdition

We won't try to stop her
We won't even notice
Truth will come
In the dead of the night
When you're dreaming of spring
And it will choke the life out of you

Traitorous monarch
This truth we speak of
It always wins
It knows that, even when it looses
Flashes of ostentatious crowns
And wisps of steel blades
As smooth as you'd ever thought it

I trust truth will take revenge
As it always does
Dripping from the wall
Like blood dripping from our veins
It will carve out the words
Wise words of truth
In the weeping of flesh
Of those who lie