Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nothing more than us ~

I wanted nothing more that this
No one else but us
I wanted sorcery and magic tricks 
It was unexplainable 
I wanted the impossible
Love story
The fabled fairytale 
With and unhappy ending
I wanted torrid romance 
With the world as a backdrop
Heartbreak and inconsolable tears
I wanted big screen sentiments 
I wanted nothing more than that
A story
That would be written off as fiction
I wanted fiercely to protect him
But he didn't need protecting
I wanted him to change my life
Every breath I took
Every smile given
And I wouldn't change the choices
Of our make believe romance
I wanted to hold him
Keep him forever
The pulse of my heart
Belonged to him
And he belonged to my past
Like I always wanted
Like I never wanted
He gave me all
And I have nothing
He's the love of my life
And we're the once in a lifetime 
That will never happen again ~

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Generation ~

[Weird Inspiration After Reading the New York Times ... You're Welcome ]

Our generation swallows success
Fast cars
Fast lives
No patience

Tomorrow is too late
It’s got to be easy
And its got to be good
No interpretations

We want it all
And we want it all by thirty five
Our generation is skewed
By norms of greatness

Found in a bottle of Chateau Latour
And the window office
There is no compromise
In time

Where is the magic pill
That will give us everything
Who do we have to speak to?
Who do we sell our soul to?

Our generation
Is impatient
Speed and Rain
Loud music to mute the pain

And where are we going?
So fast
Private jets
And money debt

Our generation swallows success
Along with the morning vitamins
And dark coffee, no cream
Fast pace, to win some unknown race