Friday, May 29, 2015

Settle down ~

I’m never sure of what I’m doing
I never know if this is the life we’re meant to have

I’ve been told I over think and I’ve been told I don’t think enough
I’ve lived as if tomorrow was my last day
Throwing caution to the wind and chasing the cheap thrill
I’ve had a broken heart and I’m too afraid to patch it up

I’m always wondering if this is right or wrong
The truth is I’m not sure of anything anymore
And I’m almost sure that it’s okay
There is comfort in uncertainty
In lonely nights and a glass of whiskey
In not thinking and not caring
In nights you can’t recall, in blurs of lights and days when the breeze hits your hair

And in between I think of us
Suddenly the coffee in my hands is not strong enough
And my dreams are not big enough
Or perhaps they were too big
Someday I want to build something whatever we talked about
A legacy of sorts
Life is short
And already half spent

I can do anything
And freedom is so alluring
And darkness is so oppressing
Tonight for the rest of my life I can be anything
Riding in a luxury car
And suddenly my love
You’re not so alluring after all

And suddenly you’re not the only one
And suddenly I realize
I still don’t know what I’m doing
And I may never want to settle down 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

life is a journey

We tend to think of journeys as life altering moments
Journeys of a thousand steps, to discover ourselves, to reach a religious heaven
Journeys of a single step to discover new lands, new planets, new friends
We think journeys are about long days and months, spent exploring countries we don’t know and people we’ve just met and it feels like we’ve known them forever.
But I think journeys happen everyday. They are that decision we make on who to eat dinner with, the book we read, the place we live in, the person we spend out night with. Journeys are effervescent moments. A simple smile, a glass of wine, a memory. Life itself is a journey, with twists and winding roads ... everyday is a journey and the destination doesn't always matter.