Saturday, August 8, 2015

Whatever I'm I Going to Do?

"Come home with me
The night doesn't end here", she said
"Come home, my love
Promise I won't disappoint"she drawled
Southern honey dripping from her words
As she raked a nail across my jaw
"You're too beautiful to go with one of them
Come home with me,"she said
She put her hand on the small of my back
Like she knew I'd accept 
Pulled the lenght of my hair aside
And kissed me, red shade mixing with her nude
It was to different to react

And I let her lead me outside

She cooed glamour in whatever words she whispered
I could not grasp
She left me wanting more
"Come home with me my love,"
I never expected it this way
To fall for someone I can't have
Someone that's spun my world on axis
Made me realize I never loved anyone before her
She isn't someone I can bring home to mom
With all her sophistication and black heels
Whatever I'm I going to do?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The moon ~

I love the way the sun hits skyscrapers  and they shine 
I love the way it hits the ocean like a thousand shimmering diamonds
I love that at dusk the roads seem golden
Yes I love the the sun
But I love the moon even more
The lonely lady of elegant shine
They way the moonlight casts shadows and yet lights the way
I love the way the ocean seems like silver
I love the way it illumates pale skin
I love it when it hits your eyes intensifying the shade of color
I love the way it stands proud and unafraid of the morning
I love the moon,
Because I'm a night and midnight drinks kind of woman
I'm content in the vivacity of the night and the lights of darkness
I'm saved up energy and unassuming stories.
I love the sun too
As it rises from the ashes and caresses my skin
But I'll never be a golden girl, a sunshine and rainbows again.
Not after you, not after us
But the moon
The moon understands
Ephemeral happiness and subdued rage,
The moon understands loneliness in the crowd of stars and it understands the loveliness of night.