Friday, November 27, 2015


She had a wicked smile
And a broken heart 
And a rhythm all this while
Trying to hide it all

She didn't tell a soul
That she was falling apart 
Someone reached in
And tore her heart

Crying on the pain
Its silly but it kept her sane
A warning 
To never love again 

He was a keeper 
and she was a catch
And together they made a match
If she could have made him stay

He was a handsome 
And she was a doll
And together 
They could have made a home

But he was a wanderer 
And loyalty didn't run in her blood
And it's been so long
And it was so soon

She will always love him
Underneath that wicked smile
That she flashes
When it's one night 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

In need of hope

She was a dream
Captive to be had
She was a hope
floating on two wings
A lament of tomorrow
Singing today
She was all and she was nothing
But I loved her
like you love
Gone by days
an wispy memories
In silence and without notice
You craft stones
of tomorrow spun
on sugar candy and strands of her gold hair
I loved her
for the stubborn wilderness in her
The trace of jungle in her expensive perfume
She was messy in the way she lived
and the things she did
Chaos in the stream of a perfectly constructed life
And she fit right in
with my broken moral walls
Being kept upright by appearances and lights
I loved her against my will and without consent
She took my heart dipped it in honey
Of her caramel colored eyes
I knew we weren't meant to be
There was more than destiny breaking our paths
But I loved her
like allusive dreams
of traveling the world
She was in need of hope
And I was in need of visions

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Lately it's hard to breathe
And I feel like I'm on the verge of tears
Lately nights seem too short
And I've been holding it together 
With something prescribed
I've been drinking more
And eating less
And nothing seems to make sense
But he was eager to let me know 
He didn't miss me
And all we've had was nothing 
Short of hell