Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I've tried

I've tried to forget you
believe me I have
on one night stands
and long romances
in a junkies fix
and alcohol induced chances

I've taken the road to nowhere
and boarded flights i can't remember
I've slept away the days
and spent days without sleeping
I've cried my nights to sleep
and I'm done weeping

but I can still remember the smell of your perfume
the silk of your caresses
the sound of the wind as it carried your voice
and the whisper of my heartbreak
as you left me

I've tried to forget you
believe me I have
I've lost myself in Paris
but the grey of it's skies
reminds me of the day we met
and I've walked the olden cities
but their pops of red remind me of your lips
and rain of your diamond blue eyes

I've come to realize
I can't forget you
 I will always love you
because I always have
but sometimes love is not enough

I know your looking out the window of some city
thinking of me too
I know that flower that came yesterday was yours
I know you've tried
like you promised your would
that you've tried to forget me

But I also know you can't

dangerous addiction

Love is a high strung feeling
always humble always willing
to let down it's guard

a mist over the city
a veil over your eyes
a pillow
to muffle the cries

love is a glorious beauty
and beauty is a dangerous addiction
that seldom ends in anything
but heart break
and blood
that taints your soul

it's a warm sensation
like gentle inebriation
that clouds your every thought

Love is words said late into the night
as she walked out the door
and you called her a whore
our of spite and sadness

it's a string of 'i'm sorries'
and rings over a summer breeze
because it's an addiction
like cocaine running through your veins

because your trying to
but never reach
the first high
everyone remembers

love is glorious beauty
and beauty is a dangerous addiction

it's wrong but it's all right
because she's your muse and your her goddess
and it's all madness
love is hope and despair

life's ironic aberration
instilled in sedation
and clear blue eyes